Probiotic Food

If you are a health conscious person, healthy food should be on your family’s daily menu. For your menu today, why not cook something delicious with probiotic content and many health benefits to reduce cancer risk, good for diabetic diets, lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, and even help to the weight loss program? ‘Is there a single food that has all these benefits?’ Yes, that’s tempeh, a traditional food made from fermented soybeans!

In my country, Indonesia, tempeh has been our traditional food for perhaps hundreds of years. We can find tempeh in almost every market, even in small towns. Tempeh has been a part of our life. Whether we cook for daily meals (served with rice), or when we have a good meal in restaurants, we can always find tempeh. This is because tempeh can be made into many delicious foods. But not so many of its health benefits!

Tempeh is one of the many probiotic food sources. Rhizopus Oligosporus, a good bacteria contained in tempeh, produces a natural antibiotic that inhibits some harmful bacteria. Rhyzopus can also improve your intestinal digestion health as well as you skin health, from atopic dermatitis, pimples, cellulite, etc. On the other hand, the fermentation process that transforms whole soybeans into tempeh produces an enzyme called phytase. This enzyme can break down phytate acid and therefore increase the body’s absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc. Good news for those with anemia, as tempeh is also said to have 4 mg. iron/ 100 grams!

High protein content – low calories
Tempeh, which is processed from soybeans, becomes a high in protein foods, even higher among other plant foods. The daily consumption of 166 grams of tempeh provides about 60% of our daily protein needs. And with the fact that tempeh is less than 329 calories, it’s safe to assume that tempeh may be your perfect healthy food choice!

As a plant protein source, tempeh can provide a healthy diet for Mellitus diabetes patient too. People with diabetes can use tempeh as a substitute for foods with animal proteins such as milk and meat.

Now you can get many health benefits from isoflavone in tempeh, including:
Improves bone mineral content, reduces the risk of osteoporosis
Antioxidant to fight cancer-causing free radicals
Lower cholesterol (lower LDL and increase HDL)
Lower risk of heart disease
Relieve symptoms of menopause

High fiber content
The high fiber content of soybeans found in tempeh can help the diabetic patient to control the blood sugar level. It can also prevent colon cancer, to get better kidney health by replacing animal protein with soy, and prevent Diarrhea In children.

Boost the immune system and health
Amino acids can enhance tempeh’s superiority in boosting the immune system. Tempeh is also an important source of b12 vitamin, which vegetarians can use to replace meat, and an excellent source of calcium.

Low in calories and carbohydrates
And last but not least, tempeh is a suitable food for the weight loss diet. Being low in calories and carbohydrates, including tempeh on your list of diet foods, will help you reduce the amount of fat stored in your body. If you combine this perfect diet with exercise, you will increase lean muscle mass that will help you burn fat. And what makes it all the more perfect, tempeh is high in protein that you can use to restore your energy after your weight loss workout.

So, I don’t need to stress, that tempeh is definitely a super healthy food for healthy people, on a healthy budget, which, with a little creativity, can be turned into a super delicious food.

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