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We all know mobile messaging and how it works well. They keep us connected to each other, they allow us to exchange thoughts, they are instantaneous and the best way to communicate. Don’t we trust them somewhere? Yes, we all are. The world of mobile messaging is continuously growing, and according to a report, more than a quarter of the world’s population will be familiar with mobile messaging in 2019. Fascinating, right? It has become a trend these days. These trendy messages even come with their pros and cons, here are some of them:


Let’s first discuss the good. So what are they?

1. The very concept of mobile messaging, which is to connect the world, is fulfilled. We can be in contact with anyone from the same or different city or country.

2. We can create groups and contact our work members in a minute. It saves us time and suggestions can be discussed with everyone.

3. We can talk to several people at the same time.

4. We can discuss our ideas with people or even share photos and videos with them.

5. Time zones are no longer a problem. It is not necessary to adjust the times to speak when we can leave messages for the other to read according to their schedule.

6. It makes us tech savvy.

7. You can even teach via mobile messages and stay in touch with students.

So basically, mobile messaging is about being there for each other regardless of the differences. Create a small world where one can interact, share, learn, and even have fun. These can be a good way to relax after a stressful day just by talking to your long-lost friend or family member. Mobile messaging has brought us closer to each other. Right?


Oh no, do they really have cons too? Let us see:

1. Although they provide a great way to stay in touch, but they lack the experience of personal conversation. The comfort of sitting down and talking to someone is not satisfied at all.

2. We cannot measure the mental or emotional well-being of a person through messages. One can be sad and completely normal in messages. We have nothing to say about the emotional state of a person.

3. There is always a nuance of dilemma. The person you are texting may not be there and the messages are being replied to by someone else on their mobile phone.

So yes, there are pros and cons of mobile messaging, although the pros dominate, but the cons still exist.

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