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Branding and Market Research researchers agree that mobile technologies are a key development engine around the world. According to a recent survey, there are 85% of users using smartphones among all mobile users, and the number is increasing. It has seen progressive development even in low-wage, or base-of-the-pyramid, and developing markets, suggesting that mobile phones are no longer seen as extravagant things, but as a necessity. These days, it’s normal to see everyone in town, from agents to taxi drivers, using a smart device like phones, tablets, or something like that. Meanwhile, he has continually demonstrated his ability to connect with some people.

While the majority of the population in these territories still owns phones that only offer a fundamental utility, such as text messages and calls, mobile devices and smartphones with 3G or 4G capabilities are clearly becoming prominent among these business sectors. Since 2008, these phones, which offer basic Internet browsing, have generated significant interest from buyers around the world, in an unshakable ascent.

Therefore, mobile assessment is important not only for buyers, but also for those leading mobile market research. In fact, mobile marketing researchers have predicted that mobile devices will soon become a major gadget in the accumulation of information, as people carry their phones around constantly.

It is obvious that the gradual rise of the mobile business is not too far away, and with increasing numbers of people adapting to mobile technology, this research should also take advantage of these new developments. They need to know the process of how mobiles can be used to make them the first choice for mobile data collection. Rather than studying the effect of rapidly developing smartphone technology, this type of research should also anticipate protection issues with regard to data collection. It is important to study how people use their devices and how researchers can interact with the population through them. Researchers can now conduct studies and different types of tests using the distinctive abilities that the smart device brings to the table. Improving the mobile experience must be taken into account to ensure success in terms of engagement rates and information accuracy.

At the time of mobile market research, researchers can query during the point of supply, precisely when it occurs. It brings organizations closer to buyers than at any other time. With the additional capabilities and components of smartphones now being developed, data collection is becoming more detailed and improved. Photos, audios and videos can now be included in any review or research done and the knowledge gathered from the information collected is quick, making it more accurate and precise. Now data can be determined to quantify market share, buying frequency, behavior and buyer inclinations at the time, and be fair to any product or marketing process.

Mobile devices have surely added an incentive in market research practices, so we must always keep track of the different ways that we can benefit from mobile industry assessment.

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