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In 2020, I want a female president by the author, Lolu Adebayo, is a little book with a great message. It is a book about women in leadership; it is about women in politics; And ultimately, it’s about our nation electing a woman president. It is a nation that evolves and accepts that many women are capable and qualified to become Commanders-in-Chief of our great nation. This small volume is designed to start a movement to promote this idea across the United States.

The seriousness of this message is enclosed in a delightful interpretation of the author’s life when he arrives in the United States, educates himself and realizes that women are not seen as equal to men. This happens at school, at university, at work, and ultimately in politics. He realizes how women are still considered a “minority” when a closer look reveals that they actually represent a strong “majority.” The author speculates what women could achieve if our country perceived them as the majority that they are and if they governed as that majority, especially in politics.

We need to ask some questions. Is it possible that we live in a world where double standards for women are dissolved, invisible walls are torn down, and women are considered great leaders? Can we achieve less male dominance without threatening the masculinity of men? If we could, would a true democracy evolve and prosper? It begins to feel possible as these chapters unfold and shows throughout history that women have successfully ruled nations. For the most part, this responsibility has passed to women through family legacies, but now, in the United States, we are talking about promoting women to our highest command through the voting process.

It is observed in the book that many people feel that women are not suitable for the White House, at least not during our lifetime. The author questions this and asks us to re-examine this belief in light of the evidence to the contrary. It also challenges women to examine why they feel uncomfortable in male-dominated situations and why they are so quick to step aside and allow men to rule, even to encourage it.

Personally, I found it very difficult to disagree with many of the views of African author Lolu Adebayo. She makes great points that they support women in the presidency: there are already very strong female leaders in our military; women prove to be great leaders in business, and women have the compassion to rule more from the heart and less by sheer aggression. Furthermore, today’s woman is exceptionally capable, educated, and capable of taking on important responsibilities. For my part, I agree with the author, is a perfect time to give women the equality they deserve in the political arena. To do this, men must learn to be masculine enough to allow women the right to serve the world more broadly. And women must face the challenges they must face. If you agree, just want to be more informed, or are still unsure, grab a copy of this great book today and help, author Lolu Adebayo, raise awareness and advance a political movement that can lead our country forward to achieve this vision. of, in 2020, I want to see a female president – 2nd edition. This is a must read for those who believe in women as leaders and for those who love politics.

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