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I frequently hear the following question from those I am teaching to work from home online here in the far north of where I live. “Mokie, there are millions of websites on the Internet. What do they all have in common?”

Unfortunately, the simple answer is “failure”, as 98% of online websites won’t be there within a year.

How can this be?

It’s because most online business owners don’t understand what the Internet is all about. TThe bugs obviously don’t understand or use the simple CTPM process:

  • Have a lot of quality, relevant Content on your site.
  • This generates free (organic) Traffic from search engines.
  • These visitors have to be Forewarned about the idea that you are an expert in this particular field.
  • Which leads to Monetization from your site.

Really? Yes really.

How to start an online business is a huge topic, but happily it is one that carries many rewards for those who are determined to keep learning and striving until they succeed, until they have mastered the CTPM process.

In this article, I will give a brief overview of the whole process. At the end of this article, you will find a link to a free PDF checklist that I have created to expand your knowledge of this magnificently rewarding part of our world.

I’m sure you’ve done Internet searches that have led you to a site that fills your monitor screen with no information except your latest sales.

You may be looking for information on natural cures for a stepfather and the site you are visiting offers no information but floods your screen with more sales announcements than the weekly local food market brochure.

What was your answer You certainly hit the back button and went to the next listing on the search engine’s response page.

Actually, you may have to search for a while to find that site. Search engines have many ways of determining how good a site is at matching its content to the search term it claims to represent.

Websites don’t get to the first page of the search engine’s response page by chance or luck. This is high-quality and highly relevant information related to the search term.

The Internet is all about information. The job of search engines is to match your search term with the site that offers the best possible response to your request for information. The same applies if you want to know the best way to create a ceramic doll or how to change the oil on a large excavator in the Arctic.

The process is identical. A request for information is compared to the best possible information that was sought.

Search engines reward quality and relevant content on a website with free organic traffic. Your job as the site creator is

  • Convince your visitors that you know what you are talking about through your Content.
  • That the products and services you recommend will be the best solution for the term they searched for according to the Traffic you were sent.
  • Your content must Presell your visitors with the idea that their recommendations are your best bet.
  • The products and services you recommend Monetize Your place.

There you go. the CTPM process that is the foundation of any successful website.

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